Brecon Fans Races


Online entries open for 2015

First the good news... the online entry system is now open for 2015. It could be that perfect Christmas gift for the one you love!?

Now the bad news... we've increased prices by £1 for each race, so that we can pay the farmers for parking out of the entry fees we receive. OK not such bad news really, as we collected money for parking anyway at Fan y Big, so including it in the entry fee will save that particular hassle.

Overall, because there are more runners than cars, we will collect a little more revenue than before, and we will use this for refreshments and the prize fund.

It's the first price increase since we took over organising the Pen y Fan race in 2006 and since we started the the Fan y Big race in 2007, so we hope people find it reasonable.

+£1 ⇒ ↑ cake + ↑ beer