Brecon Fans Races


Testing the Gold Beacons ale

Thanks to Brecon Brewing we have a bottle of Gold Beacons ale for all runners (except the juniors!). They say it is a

deep golden ale brewed with Progress and Pioneer hops for a soft yet well defined bitterness, which balances the blend of malts.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Caragold malt, Malted Oats; Progress and Pioneer hops; yeast

But before handing this out, we do have to follow our strict quality control procedures, so I’m checking it out now. Here’s a sample, with Pen y Fan in the background, and Naomi picking peas for tea…

 Gold Beacon ale, Pen y Fan, and Naomi picking peas

You know what, it seems just fine! But I’d better try another to be sure…