Just back from a work trip to Chester, and finding the house full of boxes of Breconshire Brewery ale. I think I'd better check it's all OK, perhaps one bottle from each box. Also I bought the wine for prizes on the way home, 24 bottles of nice, and Naomi picked up the prizes from Cotswold Outdoors in Brecon.  And as well as the main prizes, every runner at each race will get a 15% off voucher valid in any Cotswold store, which is most welcome and very generous I reckon.

On Wednesday evening I made massive amounts of flapjacks, I think about 70, so perhaps one more batch needed. Good Housekeeping recipe, augmented with lemon juice + zest + raisins for extra yumminess.

A couple more entries in (after the closing date but no problem) plus several people contacting us through the site asking what kit required etc.

Great to hear that Mark Palmer is racing. He won the race 3 years in a row 2006-8, then took a couple of years off, so it will be interesting to see whether he can reclaim the crown. Certainly Mark's tumultuous descending will make it hard for Stewart Bellamy to retain his position as fastest from summit to finish. We'll try to give a prize for this, and fastest to the summit too, if we can work out the stats in time.

Unfortunately we have heard that last year's winner Martin Shaw cannot race this year: he said:

I just had a month off running after a very nasty fall (I know, hard to believe) in which I broke several ribs. Think I'm about better now and was thinking of trying a run this evening to get going again - the Fans Race flier has motivated me! Wish I could be there at the w/e and of course I'd love to be running - really enjoyed last years races. I rate them both very highly! I'm sure you'll have a great turn out and I'll be looking out for the results. Look forward to being back on the race scene again in the future.

Now I must get on with printing out entry forms, race maps, etc etc etc



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