Online entry for the Black Mountains Race! 

Posted by Crispin Flower 29 May 2017 20:27:00 Categories: Black Mountains Race online entry
Mark Palmer, Emma Bayliss and I have taken on (from the one and only John Darby) the organisation of the Black Mountains Race. This is Mark on the way to victory some years ago... We've added online entry this year, through the Brecon Fans website as this already had all the ecommerce facilities established. If you've ever entered Pen y Fan or Fan y Big online, then entering the Black Mountains Race is now a gently wind - just sign in with your usual account and visit the Enter... read more

Now fully encrypted! 

Posted by Crispin Flower 28 March 2017 23:30:00 Categories: organisation web site
Of course the Brecon Fans website should run under https encryption, because people can log in and pre-enter! But encryption for home/hobby websites has always been a problem as it has required significant payments and/or complicated configuration. I should say.. it's not as if we have ever been putting people at risk, as payment for our race entries is taken by PayPal, which has its own security, but it did mean usernames and passwords for this site were travelling over the wire... read more

2016 pre-race information 

Posted by Crispin Flower 08 July 2016 14:47:00 Categories: Fan y Big Pen y Fan safety
Weather and Kit @ Pen y Fan The forecast is mixed, with a good chance of rain, high winds on the high ground, and severely reduced visibility on the hill. Or it might be a sunny spell, but we all must plan for the worst. Therefore we will be requiring full kit at Pen y Fan, that is: Bumbag or rucksack Full windproof body cover (i.e. jacket and long trousers) Compass Map of the route (can be picked up at registration) Whistle For the up-to-date mountain weather forecast... read more

Social sign in now improved 

Posted by Crispin Flower 29 January 2016 21:35:00 Categories: organisation web site
I noticed a few days ago that registering with a Google account was no longer working on this site. We use the Janrain social sign-in toolkit, and a little investigation showed this was all to do with the change from Google to Google+ accounts (some boring yada here). I think it works now, and we also enabled sign-in with Disqus and OpenID too (not that anyone knows their OpenID, but it's kinda geeky). read more

Entry list - now with links to each runner's previous results 

Posted by Crispin Flower 04 July 2015 23:36:00 Categories: results
A few months back I restructured the Brecon Fans database to ensure we have one primary record for each runner, no matter how many times they have entered and run our races. This was harder than it might sound, as we had a) lots of runners with variations in their spellings and even dates of birth and it was hard to tell which variations were real, and b) we had lots of runners called Jones, Davies and Williams! Anyway, once done, I realised it should be simple to activate a link to each... read more

Article about the Brecon Fans Races in Mens Fitness 

Posted by Crispin Flower 06 May 2015 21:07:00 Categories: Fan y Big Pen y Fan

One of our competitors at Pen y Fan and Fan y Big last year - Damian Hall - is a journalist. He's had a piece about the races published in Men's Fitness magazine, and kindly sent us a link:

Results page fixed at last 

Posted by Crispin Flower 18 April 2015 21:55:00 Categories: results web site
To cut a very long story very short, I have fixed the searchable results page which has been broken for months! Apologies for the interruption. I use to keep the results in a separate Access database file that I could upload to the web server easily after the race, but the mechanism for reading this broke when my web hosts migrated onto 64-bit Windows Server 2012. On that operating system it is only possible to have either 32-bit or 64-bit Access database drivers, and it wasn't working out... read more

Page layout fixed? 

Posted by Crispin Flower 02 January 2015 21:32:00 Categories: web site

Last year a couple of people told me they had not been able to login and enter on-line because the web page was off-centre and the login controls were not accessible. Recently I managed to replicate this in Internet Explorer, and tonight I think I fixed it. If you were affected, please test and let me know if you have any problems.

First entry received for 2015 races 

Posted by Crispin Flower 03 December 2014 22:30:00 Categories: Fan y Big organisation Pen y Fan

Woohoo, it's Chris Chambers of Eastleigh Running Club going for the Pen y Fan and Fan y Big double.

Online entries open for 2015 

Posted by Crispin Flower 15 November 2014 08:52:00 Categories: Fan y Big organisation Pen y Fan
First the good news... the online entry system is now open for 2015. It could be that perfect Christmas gift for the one you love!? Now the bad news... we've increased prices by £1 for each race, so that we can pay the farmers for parking out of the entry fees we receive. OK not such bad news really, as we collected money for parking anyway at Fan y Big, so including it in the entry fee will save that particular hassle. Overall, because there are more runners than cars, we will collect a little ... read more
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