Of course the Brecon Fans website should run under https encryption, because people can log in and pre-enter! But encryption for home/hobby websites has always been a problem as it has required significant payments and/or complicated configuration.

I should say.. it's not as if we have ever been putting people at risk, as payment for our race entries is taken by PayPal, which has its own security, but it did mean usernames and passwords for this site were travelling over the wire unencrypted. I suppose that meant someone else could feasibly steal your login and pay for your race entry! But seriously, more importantly it meant that (in theory) others could intercept the administrative login for the site.

Well not any more! Thanks to the magic of LetsEncrypt (and of course our mojoPortal CMS) I have configured www.breconfans.org.uk to run under https and to be inaccessible any other way.

You may now feel even more relaxed about registering, signing in, and pre-entering for the races!