Lessons to learn from the Buttermere Sailbeck tragedy

As most fellrunners will know, Brian Belfield of Staffs Moorlands died in the Buttermere Sailbeck race on 29th April. He was found at 9:45 the next morning, off the course on steep ground, and although I've not heard officially, my guess is he died of hypothermia as conditions were horrible in the night. The alarm was only raised after 8pm, meaning there was little chance of finding him in failing light with a 10 mile route to cover. The organisers had thought that all runners were home and... read more

Cribyn Race 2012–some photos from the start and finish

I couldn't run Cribyn this year (yet another injury) so got the chance to take some snaps while Naomi joined the fray. I didn't catch everyone, and a few are a bit rubbish, but there's a few classics in here (Dave Austin!?). Cribyn Race 2012 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL read more

Offa's Orror & fly posting

Nipped down to Tintern Abbey for the Offa’s Orror race this morning; 20Km with 1600 ft of ascent ... read more


Sugar Loaf Race