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This is a database of all known results from the Pen y Fan and Fan y Big Horseshoe Races. First select which race you are interested in. Then you can filter the results by any combination of the following: year, sex, club, category or runner's name. Pick a value from one or more of the drop-downs, and/or enter any part of name, then click "GO" to see the results. To see all results, click "SHOW ALL".

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The Fan y Big Horseshoe race started in 2007, and all results are included here. For Pen y Fan we have complete results for the following years (we think): 1986-1992, 1999 (no clubs/categories), 2004-now. We have partial results from 1993 and 2003. We need your help finding full results for 1993-2003!

If you have any more Pen y Fan results (e.g. from old Fellrunner editions), please do let us know - thanks.

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YearNameClubCategorySummit TimeSummit PosDescent TimeDescent PosFinish TimePosition% Win TimePos In CatPrize
2021Rosie EldridgeRyde HarriersFV4000:50:384400:25:123901:15:5040224.2511st V40 Lady
2016Rosie EldridgeRyde HarriersFS00:47:288400:28:527301:16:2078201.327 
2018Rosie EldridgeRyde HarriersFS00:52:388200:23:307301:16:0880201.327 
2019Rosie EldridgeRyde HarriersFV4000:50:098200:21:297701:11:3881213.418 
2017Rosie EldridgeRyde HarriersFS00:50:019500:24:289301:14:2996204.728