Now fully encrypted!

Of course the Brecon Fans website should run under https encryption, because people can log in and pre-enter! But encryption for home/hobby websites has always been a problem as it has required significant payments and/or complicated configuration. I should say.. it's not as if we have ever been putting people at risk, as payment for our race entries is taken by PayPal, which has its own security, but it did mean usernames and passwords for this site were travelling over the wire... read more

Social sign in now improved

I noticed a few days ago that registering with a Google account was no longer working on this site. We use the Janrain social sign-in toolkit, and a little investigation showed this was all to do with the change from Google to Google+ accounts (some boring yada here). I think it works now, and we also enabled sign-in with Disqus and OpenID too (not that anyone knows their OpenID, but it's kinda geeky). read more

First entry received for 2015 races

Woohoo, it's Chris Chambers of Eastleigh Running Club going for the Pen y Fan and Fan y Big double.

Online entries open for 2015

First the good news... the online entry system is now open for 2015. It could be that perfect Christmas gift for the one you love!? Now the bad news... we've increased prices by £1 for each race, so that we can pay the farmers for parking out of the entry fees we receive. OK not such bad news really, as we collected money for parking anyway at Fan y Big, so including it in the entry fee will save that particular hassle. Overall, because there are more runners than cars, we will collect a little ... read more

Dates and times for 2013, and web site tweaks

We’ve set the dates for 2013… 13th – 14th July. The start time for Pen y Fan will be an hour later, at 12 noon, to give travellers more time to arrive.

And I’ve tweaked the web site to make the text bigger. All suggestions welcome for further changes.

Online entry is now open for 2013!

Final details for Pen y Fan

It’s race morning, gentle drizzle, low cloud, but no wind. Here’s the view of Pen y Fan from our front garden… If you are coming to the Pen y Fan Race today (and why wouldn't you?!) please be aware of the following... Parking Due to the recent rains, the field on the right of the track is out of bounds for parking, at the farmer's request. Combined with the fact that we are a championship race this year, this means there will be some pressure on parking space. Please share transport where ... read more

Lessons to learn from the Buttermere Sailbeck tragedy

As most fellrunners will know, Brian Belfield of Staffs Moorlands died in the Buttermere Sailbeck race on 29th April. He was found at 9:45 the next morning, off the course on steep ground, and although I've not heard officially, my guess is he died of hypothermia as conditions were horrible in the night. The alarm was only raised after 8pm, meaning there was little chance of finding him in failing light with a 10 mile route to cover. The organisers had thought that all runners were home and... read more

New Facebook page sure to attract thousands

Demonstrating my mastery of displacement activity, I've created a Facebook page for the Brecon Fans Race Weekend

and embedded a panel for it into the home page of this site. I expect a turnout of at least 5000 after this sophisticated marketing campaign.

Please all "like" it a lot, then go for a run in the hills...

Marking time

We’re please to say that John Chidlow will be helping with the time-keeping this year. John has seen (and timed) it all, officiating at over 50 races every year, and he has at least two fancy stopwatches. He will be a welcome addition to the finish line team, which normally consists of me + one or two of the kids trying to take times and read numbers as people hurtle down the straight.

Maybe one year I’ll be able to run the race…

Age limit corrections

Reading the latest Fellrunner magazine, I find that the age limits fror races are decided by the competitor's age on 1st January, and not race day as I had previously thought. I have corrected the relevant details for the Pen y Fan Race (16 or over), Pen y Fan Junior Race (under 16), and the Fan y Big Race (over 18).

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