Kit recommendations - personal and temporal

Lots of people ask us for advice about what kit is acceptable and/or good for the races. We've put together some kit tips here, and welcome your feedback!

Lessons to learn from the Buttermere Sailbeck tragedy

As most fellrunners will know, Brian Belfield of Staffs Moorlands died in the Buttermere Sailbeck race on 29th April. He was found at 9:45 the next morning, off the course on steep ground, and although I've not heard officially, my guess is he died of hypothermia as conditions were horrible in the night. The alarm was only raised after 8pm, meaning there was little chance of finding him in failing light with a 10 mile route to cover. The organisers had thought that all runners were home and... read more

Pen y Fan has the fastest descent rate ever

I've just spotted this interesting article about the fastest ascents and descents in fell and mountain running (in the world!). The author Anthony Kay says... "I have concluded that the fastest sustained descent rate ever recorded in any mountain race is 1.365m/s, achieved by Keith Anderson in the 1990 Pen-y-Fan Race, when he descended the 580 vertical meters (in 2,450 meters horizontally) from the summit of Pen-y-Fan to the finish at Cwm Llwch in 7:05. Just to show that this wasn’t a fluke,... read more

Cribyn Race 2012–some photos from the start and finish

I couldn't run Cribyn this year (yet another injury) so got the chance to take some snaps while Naomi joined the fray. I didn't catch everyone, and a few are a bit rubbish, but there's a few classics in here (Dave Austin!?). Cribyn Race 2012 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL read more

New Facebook page sure to attract thousands

Demonstrating my mastery of displacement activity, I've created a Facebook page for the Brecon Fans Race Weekend

and embedded a panel for it into the home page of this site. I expect a turnout of at least 5000 after this sophisticated marketing campaign.

Please all "like" it a lot, then go for a run in the hills...

Marking time

We’re please to say that John Chidlow will be helping with the time-keeping this year. John has seen (and timed) it all, officiating at over 50 races every year, and he has at least two fancy stopwatches. He will be a welcome addition to the finish line team, which normally consists of me + one or two of the kids trying to take times and read numbers as people hurtle down the straight.

Maybe one year I’ll be able to run the race…

Age limit corrections

Reading the latest Fellrunner magazine, I find that the age limits fror races are decided by the competitor's age on 1st January, and not race day as I had previously thought. I have corrected the relevant details for the Pen y Fan Race (16 or over), Pen y Fan Junior Race (under 16), and the Fan y Big Race (over 18).

More championship status for Pen y Fan

Also a counter in the WFRA Open Welsh Championships! The full series is: Sun 29th April Mynydd Troed Medium Sun 17th June Ras y Berwyn Long Sat 14th July Pen y Fan Short Sat 11th August Brecon Beacons Long Sat 8th September Moel Wnion Short Sat 10th November Rhobell Fawr Medium read more

Championship status for the Pen y Fan race

We are very pleased to announce that Pen y Fan 2012 has been chosen as a counter in

On-line entry for the Brecon Fans races

We have set up online entry for the Brecon Fans races, to make it easier for people to enter in advance and secure their place. Our hope is this will reduce the queues at registration, where because of the idyllic venue (i.e. total lack of facilities) we have to take entries in our tent! Entering is easy… just use the “ENTER” page to add one or both races to your cart, then proceed to checkout. Payment is via PayPal, but you do not have to have a PayPal account – you can just pay with a card if ... read more
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