Brecon Fans Races


Final Pre-Race Information 2021

Here is some important information – please read it all, and contact us if there’s any remaining questions (reply to this email or use ).

Your entry details

Please check your entry details on this page:

Is your name, category and club correct? We take this from your website profile but sometimes people change clubs and don’t update this.

Are you entered for the right race(s)?

Please let us know asap if anything is incorrect.

Finding the races

If you’ve not been before, please do your homework on how to get to the race, and please do not phone us 3 minutes before the start saying you’re lost (yes, it happens!). There’s plenty of information and maps on the website. Satnav will get you to Llanfrynach village on the Saturday, but do not rely on it for Pen y Fan.

Don’t bring Covid-19

Do not come to the races if you feel unwell, have recently experienced Covid symptoms or tested positive, or been in close contact with anyone experiencing Covid symptoms or tested positive, or if you’ve been asked to self-isolate.


Please bring pins for attaching your race number to your vest. Reminder: numbers are an important safety aid, and must not be folded or attached anywhere other than your vest front..


Please ensure you wear a mask when picking up your race number and wristband, and when gathering for the start. You must then keep your mask with you for the entire race.


Please print off the relevant route map(s) from the website and include them in your race kit. If you have no means of printing, we will have a small supply on the day.


The following is mandatory at both races: mask, route map, full windproof body cover (i.e. jacket and trousers), compass, whistle.

You will need a bumbag or small backpack to carry your kit.

Optional kit: food, drink, hat, gloves, other spare clothes, phone (GPS navigation aids not to be used except in an emergency)

Insurance, previous results, and risk assessments

To reduce gathering we will not be displaying things like previous results, our insurance, risk assessments etc at the race area. Instead all these things can be accessed online, at

On the day(s)

Collect your race number and electronic wristband from marshals before the start. If you arrive in plenty of time (from 11am onwards) this will help reduce gathering at the collection points. The parking areas at both races are outdoors and very spacious, so please observe social distancing at all times.

Each race has its own numbers and wristbands – do not keep/re-use your number or wristband from Saturday.

Reminder: race numbers are an important safety aid, and must not be folded or attached anywhere other than your vest front.


There will be a mass start for both races. Please avoid bunching with other competitors and wear your mask until the race is underway. There’s lots of space – use it! Faster runners towards the front, slower runners towards the back also helps reduce bunching together.

Summit checkpoints

Both races have a summit checkpoint (Fan y Big and Pen y Fan). There will be marshal(s) in high viz, and a timer unit. You must present your wristband to the timer unit until it beeps. Please respect social distancing at the checkpoints.


Fan y Big Horseshoe: you must present your wristband to the finish line timer unit until it beeps, then move on. Please respect social distancing at the finish.

Pen y Fan: “fast finish mode”! You may sprint over the line, then you must stay in order in the funnel and present your wristband to the timer unit at the end of the funnel, until it beeps. Please respect social distancing at the finish.

If you cannot finish

Once you have collected your number and wristband you are officially in the race. If you cannot finish the race for any reason, it is essential that you report to a race marshal (at summit of Fan y Big or at Start/Finish), or we will assume you are lost/injured.

Wristband return

After the finish, please return your wristband – a marshal will have a tub for you to deposit yours. There’s a £5 charge for any wristband not returned.


To reduce Covid transmission risk there will be no refreshments provided this year – please bring your own food and drink.

But there will be a bottle of Brecon Brewing beer for every runner: these will be set out for you to take one bottle, without any other contact.

Results & Prizes

Results will be displayed in real time on the Racetek website here:

And possibly on a screen at the venue if we can.

There will be no prize-giving this year – it’s all for the glory!


We look forward to seeing you at the weekend.


Best wishes

Emma, Naomi and Crispin




Emma Bayliss (Fan y Big Horseshoe) 07736 048221

Crispin Flower & Naomi Law (Pen y Fan) 07984 807186