Insurance all sorted thanks to John Sweeting and WFRA  goodness. Plenty of entries have arrived by post - more than in previous years. Hard to tell what that means for turnout on the day. I've tweaked the photos page on the web site to make the thumbnail galleries display fully, and moved the slide show onto another page - this is a lovely feature but all the different years' galleries are a bit hard to find, and I've not found a way of making one slideshow for each year - this would need a different Flickr account for each or something.

Now recruiting helpers and marshals. We have Mike Law on the summit of course, but he needs someone with him to help take the summit splits. And we need at least one helper at the finish, car parking, registration. And of course photographers.  Some of the News of the World sports photographers might be at a loose end next week...?

Sponsors... unfortunately St Mary's Bakery cannot support the race after all this year, and it's too late to find a replacement, so we are making industrial quantities of magnificent flapjacks, to be washed down with lovely Breconshire Brewery ale!

Hooters... this year we are going to start the race with a big honking hooter, and then give a blast at the summit when the first runner arrives. This will help synchronize split times, but it's also good for spectators and runners.


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