Interesting - I find that my "movements" are affected in a similar way by organising a race as by competing in one. Works better than colonic irrigation.

Anyway, it's raining, or at least it was 5 minutes ago. And Pen Y Fan is shrouded in murk...

Pen y Fan (or where it would normally be) from our front window

But I'm sure it will clear up soon!

On the pin front, Emma texted at midnight to say emergency pin supplies are coming to the race with Ricky.

And Mark P (fell running superstar and Fan y Big organiser)  called to share a chuckle about how many people cannot read the stuff about on the web site and contact us to ask whether the race goes up any hills, or whether any kit is needed, etc etc... and then Mark said "right see you at 12 then". Umm, the race starts at 11 !! 


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